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There are many factors, that determine the success of Elite athletes. One of the most important is a healthy, flexible and resilient mind. In fact, statistics and surveys have shown that up to 90% of what athletes can achieve is due to their mindset.

What does it mean?

The answer is multifaceted. Elite athletes are hard-working, talented people physically, but also they need to have a strong, resilient, flexible mind to perform at their best.

The way athletes view, process, change and adapt, needs to be done in a matter of seconds, sometimes even less. For such a timely reaction to happen, consistent mind training is necessary, together with physical training.

The environment of Elite athletes has them exposed to intense emotional and psychological pressure. The athlete needs to be focussed, motivated, able to adapt, react in a controlled, effective manner, while emotions run high. We specialise in conscious and unconscious mind training. This combination ensures the ultimate success.

To achieve athletic success different mindsets are necessary: aggressive, calm, clear and flexible. Various techniques are employed to achieve different mindsets for the ultimate athletic success and personal wellbeing.

We have been training Elite athletes to develop winning mindsets for years: from setting a weekly goal, to winning gold in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, to preparing for Tokyo.

We look at the complete cycle: Psycho-education, Treatment of any Psychological and Emotional issues, Psychological Rehabilitation during and after Injuries, Mental Support in Retirement.

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