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Injury and Retirement. Library Image: Jump for Joy

Injury and Retirement

Injuries are challenging physically and emotionally. At times an injury can leave an athlete traumatised, fearful and isolated and can lead to a loss of perspective. This can result in a return to training and performing with intrinsic residual fears, which could be unconsciously carried around. The outcome could be a slower, more cautious athlete, with insecurities, which increase the risk of further injuries.

We provide effective treatment for an effective and complete mental recovery from injury.

Retiring can be an emotionally challenging time. It is the end of a career and the end of being part of a special and unique environment, so it can be a very destabilising period in an athlete’s life.

Transitioning into a different pace of life, without the structure and demands of training and competing can leave a void, which could be difficult to deal with, especially in the short term.

Retirement, either chosen or enforced, can lead to psychological issues, like anxiety, depression and loss of identity, or unhealthy behaviours like addictions and other forms of escapism and avoidance.

Tailored treatment in the uttermost confidence is available: we deliver workshops and individual treatment to prepare for a healthy, balanced future.

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